You may have a clear idea of how you want your site to look, but many customers have only a vague idea that it must look "professional". Our aim is to choose a design that fits the image you require. This includes not only the graphic quality of the website we can build for you, but also help and advice we can give you on matters such as content, logo design, and overall layout.

In these cases we can give ideas, and supply a list of similar sites that show what other people have chosen. We will always be aware of your aims, and do our best to make your site stand out by it's design and functionality.

Whilst some sites will have fairly static content, others will need regular updating. We offer a reliable updating service at little extra cost, or no cost, in the case of minor changes. For the period immediately following your site's publication there are no charges for amendments or alterations, and we will be happy to assist you and offer technical help whilst you become accustomed to working with your site. After three weeks we will regard the site as complete, but still be happy to offer technical help.

If you require regular changes to your site, you can either choose to pay an hourly rate of 35, or opt for an Updating Package that gives you a specific amount of changes for a flat fee. You can choose from the packages listed below, or email us to see if we can offer you a tailor-made package.

Weekly 1 weekly change (up to 1 hr) 150 per month
Monthly 1 monthly change (up to 3 hrs) 100 per month
Quarterly 1 quarterly change (up to 5 hrs) 150 per quarter

The Weekly and Monthly packages are payable each quarter, the Quarterly package annually.

Please enquire for a tailor-made quotation if your needs are not covered by any of the above packages.

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