The price of a website depends to some extent on the content: a simple, text-based site will be cheaper than a site that contains many special effects, such as message boards, chat rooms, Flash animations etc.

The prices given below will cover most requirements. If you wish to include photographs, we can of course scan these and optimize them for Internet use, and unless you plan to include a large amount, this will be included in the fee.

First page 150
Three Pages 300
Additional Pages 75

In addition, you will need to buy a domain name and hosting package. We can offer the following name/hosting packages, which includes 35MB of webspace:

Any available domain ending in or

60 for two years
Any available domain ending in .com or .org 80 for two years

For more details of our hosting packages, click here.

For details of our Updating Packages, and of our policy on aftercare and technical help, click here.

For a detailed quote send us an email with a description of the planned content, including the approximate number of photographs and the type of domain (.uk or .com).

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